About Sadee Says!


I have decided to create Sadee Says as sort of an artistic retrospective of my life, bits and pieces of me, my many careers, experiences, journeys, loves, as well as my many reflections which I’ve cultivated and nurtured over the years. I do not consider myself an “expert” on anything, but my unique perspective, which has served me well throughout my life, would be better off thought of as an amalgamation of all of my life experiences. You see, I’m quite the independent vagabond, and have always loved beauty and art, in all its forms, from the crystal blue skies over the orange cliffs of Sedona, AZ, to the way the sea bends around the coast line in Malibu, CA. And I have also always loved fashion!


Not as a sport, however, but rather coming from an artistic aesthetic, the creative expression of who one is from the inside, out. And strangely enough, I have always found that what made my heart quicken a beat usually became important or accepted by the mainstream about a year after I had first seen or been exposed to it. This talent or gift made me somewhat of a trend spotter (I’ve been told?) And I have always loved accessories most of all.

Yes, I was one of the first to have white gogo boots in high school and to toss out my plaid Patty Duke skirts in favor of faded bell-bottom jeans and clogs, but that was more because I wanted to make a statement about who I was, rather than anything else. Now, I have owned 3 wholesale and 2 fashion retail businesses in my life (so far), where I became most known for showcasing new, cutting edge, and upcoming designs and designers. This has become my passion, what I love to do!!!

ere on Sadee Says, I hope to combine that love of artistic expression with the thrill of being exposed to the creative process, as that is what exhilarates me, and to share it all with you. Through my blog I will of course throw in my opinion occasionally, which reflects my social consciousness as well as the irreverent rebel that I still am. However, I also want this site to be a fun place for all of you who decide to stop by here and peruse a while. Hopefully you will fall in love with something I have featured on here. But I promise that you will never find a “Must have” or a “Who looks best in what” on this site, for I believe fashion should be a personal reflection of ones own unique self.


Owner & curator of Sadee Says, Sharon Silfen, was born at a tumultuous time in Queens, NY and was a teen in the 60’s and 70’s growing up there. In the 70’s she became a SORT OF flower child (albeit a fashionable one, at that), and in 1974, she moved to Los Angeles with her first husband, which had always been a dream.

For the first time in her life, Sharon felt truly as if she really belonged somewhere. But soon came a divorce, (an amicable one,..a sign of the times we suppose? lol), and Sharon soon fell into a wild, glorious, gypsy type life, hanging out with famous musicians and having the absolute time of her life. At 30, she married her second husband, on the rebound from what she believed at the time was her crazy flighty lifestyle. She thought that if she married someone more stable this time around, that that would “ground her.” It didn’t!

Coming full circle, Sharon’s “baby boy” is now a rock ‘n roll musician himself. And after years on both sides of the fashion business, Sharon once again rediscovered her passion for fashion accessories, quite by chance, by slowly creating this online fashion boutique, which has blossomed into “SadeeSays.com”, featuring some of the most dynamic, creative, unique and emerging designers of today!

This long journey home, from NY to LA, to Az, Fla, to NJ, and then back again, from Laurel Rose, to Laurel Canyon, and on to Whims Jewelry in NY, and then Alchemy Fashion Essentials, in NJ, has all lead her back here, back home again, and now to this, to the Launch of Sadeesays.com. Welcome all!