All About the Lexus Hoverboard

July 28, 2018 Off By Ray Kyle

Hoverboard toy

The Lexus hoverboard impressed a lot of people when it was first unveiled two years ago. It’s actually the closest thing to the one shown in the movies. The car manufacturer clearly spared no expenses in putting this dream into reality. For the first time, someone built a hoverboard that actually hovers.

Unfortunately, you could only use the Lexus board on a specially built track. This is because the board runs using superconductors. The hoverboard rises from the ground using the same principles as the bullet or Maglev train. Here is all that we know about the Lexus Hoverboard.

Superconductor and Liquid Nitrogen

Lexus called it the SLIDE Hoverboard. Its engineering team use superconductors to raise the board an inch or two from the ground. The SLIDE’s superconductor reacts to the magnetic field by repelling it. This reaction is the reason why the board “lifts” of the ground. You will also need to cool down the superconductors by using liquid nitrogen.
Once the liquid nitrogen is used up, the SLIDE loses its ability to hover. This limits the hovering time which only lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. Testers claimed that the SLIDE board can carry a rider weight up to 440 lbs. Don’t expect this kind of board to come out in the market anytime soon.

The SLIDE Hoverboard Track

The Lexus track was built specifically for the hoverboard. The hidden magnetic track was designed to pull the SLIDE board along the path. The track also has a combination of uphill and downhill slopes. The designers calculated that each possible route will have enough magnetic pull for the SLIDE to glide through. The SLIDE track used for the video demo was built in Barcelona, Spain.

Physical Composition of Lexus Hoverboard

The makers used bamboo and carbon fiber to construct the board’s body. The superconductor for the Lexus hoverboard is a combination of oxygen, yttrium, copper, and barium. The SLIDE is almost 30 inches in length and weighs more than 25 lbs.


The SLIDE finally made the levitating skateboard a reality albeit a limited one. The traditionally wheeled hoverboards can take riders almost everywhere while the SLIDE rider is confined to the magnetic track. If this limitation is overcome, the SLIDE will attain the distinct title as the only true hoverboard. Nevertheless, it has given users a taste of how it feels to step on an authentic levitating board.

Commercial Viability

Lexus succeeded in making a truly levitating board. The SLIDE board took more than a year to construct. But its video teaser generated a lot of interest in the span of a very short time. Many are asking as to when Lexus will release this technological marvel to the market.

The Lexus hoverboard finally made a levitating skateboard into a reality. It’s not perfect and riders can only use it on a specially constructed magnetic track. Still, many are eager to buy the SLIDE once it is up for sale in the market despite its limitation. Unfortunately, Lexus claimed that SLIDE was built as a concept product. It will take some time before customers can get their hands on these levitating skateboards.