How To Choose The Best Electric Skateboard

July 11, 2018 Off By Ray Kyle

There are tons of electric skateboards out there and if you ever tried to buy one, you will know how difficult it is to know which one is best. Since they became popular, tons of companies wanted in on the trend and started producing their own. However, the quality differs greatly, from very cheap ones that are only really appropriate for kids, medium quality ones that are perfect for normal distances and tricks, and high-quality ones that have better batteries.

Look At The Price

One of the best ways to find out the quality of the product is to look at the price. You really cannot expect a lot when the price tag is below $200. Products on sale should also raise a red flag as they are either older models and better ones have been released, or the model has not sold well due to performance issues. At the very least you should always look at reviews and experiences of other customers to be sure of the product before actually buying it.

On the other side of the price spectrum are the expensive models costing at least $1000. These are normally equipped with bigger or longer-lasting batteries and are perfect for longer trips. If you have the money to invest in the best skateboard out there, you do not, however, need to spend as much. There are models that perform just as good for much less, though you cannot expect the same battery life. After all, unless you are planning to travel further, you do not actually need it.

Wheel Quality Matters

Obviously, the quality of your wheels will greatly impact how smooth your ride is. A great option is PU Sleeves, due to the ease of maintenance. Moreover, when you have this kind of wheels, you can easily adjust the thickness of these PU Sleeves in order to have a different feel. However, wheels can normally be changed so if you buy a model that does not feel as smooth, you can always upgrade them.

Going Fast

While having a model that goes fast is a good thing, you should remember that having a higher speed will drain your battery much faster. So do not be tempted by models that promise a faster ride but will sputter out after a couple of miles. Some manufacturers will try to trick you with misleading marketing and leave you with a substandard electric skateboard.

Look At The Board Itself

If the model already looks and feels bulky, then you can already conclude that your ride will not be as smooth. The design of the deck itself does not differ much, though some models have found a way to hide the battery to make the board look and feel like a traditional, non-electric skateboard. In general, a lighter weight one is easier to control and will provide a more pleasant ride.

What About A Remote Control?

One of the popular features is the ability to control the electric skateboard through a wireless handheld remote control. The comfort and ease of having one is certainly a plus, especially since you can control acceleration and even the brake using this remote control. It is certainly a plus but not a must.

Electric board manufacturers try to lure customers with impressive sounding features that may not really mean a better experience for you. By focusing on the important aspects, the board, battery, and the wheels, you know how to distinguish the best model among the rest.