Who is Sadee?

While shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue one day several years back, owner/curator Sharon Silfen caught a glimpse of herself in the three-way dressing room mirror (you know the one ladies) and the reflection staring back at her suddenly looked just like her grandmother Sadee. It was at this moment that she realized the rare resemblance she had to her grandmother as she approached…middle age. As you can imagine, it took Sharon a few moments to recover from the shock of this realization, but upon reflection of this experience (pun intended) Sharon found that it was Grandma Sadee who had actually taught her that the most important things in life are to “be an authentic person, an independent woman, (which she was before her time) and to hitch my wagon to a star and to never look to the right or the left, but only straight ahead and to reach for the stars in order to realize my dreams.”

And so in an homage to her Grandmother, Sharon decided to name this fashion designer and accessory boutique “Sadee Says,” as it is a culmination of all of her dreams and life journeys, and reflects the most important lessons she has learned: “To be true to myself and never to judge others for their differences, but rather to celebrate each persons uniqueness, and to respect every person for the individual they are.”

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience of Sadee Says. We hope you find something you love here. But more importantly we hope you find inspiration and fantasy.



~ Often what goes very wrong is the beginning of something going very right; and what starts out as a mistake can be turned into a miracle. A visionary sees beyond appearances and thrives under all conditions. People with higher vision aren’t subject to conditions — they create them. A true master can turn anything into a masterpiece. Ingenious people remain open to possibilities beyond the familiar and let their good find them rather than trying to squeeze it out of life. Many significant inventions and medicines were discovered “by accident” while experimenters were trying to develop something quite unrelated. You can’t get rid of negatives by forcing, resisting, or denying; instead, find a way to turn them into positives. Take the raw materials before you and transform them into their highest potential.

Welcome to Sadee Says.